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The Pedal Club is a one stop shop for kids bikes with full flexibility.

Kids are expensive, there's no doubt about it. As a parent we'll bet you feel like you're constantly having to buy new stuff. It's a hassle, it's costly and it's not very environmentally friendly.

That's where we come in. You can now buy or subscribe any of our products knowing we've got you covered on hassle, cost and sustainability.

If you buy we offer a buyback option when you decide you no longer need the bike. If you subscribe you can simply swap the bike as your kids grow.

It's door to door service so you never have to leave your home if you don't want to and we have some of the highest quality, lightweight products on the market. Check them out here!

You may have even noticed we have some Pre-loved products. What this means is we've taken in second hand bikes, refurbished them to almost as good as new and listed them at much cheaper prices! 

The bikes are either brand new straight from the manufacturer or they are sourced second hand.

The Pedal Club is committed to keeping children's bikes in circulation. Far too often we find bikes that have been left to collect rust and dust in the garage before being considered no longer useable and subsequently sent to landfill.

No one should feel guilty about this as we've all done it! It is easily done but also easily avoidable. That's why we are making it our responsibility. 

If you currently have any old kids bikes sitting in the garage unused, let us know and we'll come round for a free inspection.

See our full size guide here: The Pedal Club Size Guide.

If after scrolling through our size guide you are still unsure which size to choose, please don't hesitate to contact us either via email or phone. All contact details can be found on our Contact Us page. 

To give you peace of mind we promise that if you do end up with the wrong sized bike for your child we will exchange it for free regardless of where you live. We only ask that you let us know within the first 14 days after receiving the bike and give us the details of the bike you wish to exchange it for.

Once we've received the notification for exchange we will get it booked in ASAP.

We require all customers to take photos of the bikes upon delivery. Assured we will do the same before the bikes leave HQ. 


We want all of our customer's children to treat the bikes as their own and so we understand that the bikes will occasionally return with bumps and bruises. However, if the bike is returned with irreparable damage such as missing parts, bent or broken frames or significant rust then the customer will be required to pay for the damage. In the case of missing parts we are able to source the parts for our customers but the customer will be required to pay for those parts. In the case of irreparable damage to the frame the customer will be required to pay the full retail price of the bike as at the date of delivery less the accumulative monthly fees paid.


If the bike is stolen in the care of the customer we would charge the full retail fee of the bike as at delivery less the accumulative monthly fees paid up until that point.

Soon we will have a customer portal set up allowing you to exchange at your leisure. For now you just need to let us know you're ready to swap and we will contact you regarding availability and sizing. 

Most of our bikes on the website will be available so if you can have a browse and pick a couple of favourites beforehand that's even better!

If you wish to return a product within the 14 day cooling off period please see our refund policy.

Yes! We deliver all our products to your front door. We would love to say we're at the stage where we can ship bikes all over Australia. Unfortunately, that's not the case. We're only a small business right now operating out of Sydney's Eastern Suburbs but just bear with us! We promise we haven't forgotten about all those active kids interstate but for right now we're keeping it local.

What this means is the following:

  • Within 5k of Bondi Beach delivery is free
  • 5k-15k delivery is $10.00
  • 15.1k-30k delivery is $20.00
  • 30.1k-50k delivery is $25.00
  • 50k+ we unfortunately cannot service your needs at the moment but leave us your details and we'll let you know as soon as that changes. As a sorry we'll give you 10% off for when the time comes.

No. It's a flexible service, if you wish to cancel then just let me know. However, to cover our own costs we do charge a $50 fee for cancellation or exchange in the first 12 months.

Yes. When you buy or subscribe you will click a little tick box that states you're happy to comply with our T&Cs which can be read in full here.

Subscription fees start from $15 per month and vary depending on the quality and size of the bike. We have an algorithm for pricing meaning each bike has it's own fee.

When you exchange one bike for another the pricing may increase or decrease depending on the difference between the bikes and remember exchanging within the first 12 months will cost you $50. This covers our costs for delivery and pick up.

If you're buying from us you just pay the RRP and if you subscribe we don't charge a deposit we only ask for a small delivery fee which varies depending on where you're based.

Once you've subscribed to a bike online the payments will leave your account on the same day every month. We manage all payments so you don't have to manually pay us every month!

The big killer of bikes is rust! If you can keep them in doors then great but if not get some chain lube and apply regularly! We're very happy to provide recommendations.

Yes absolutely! However, it has to be one of these brands: ByK, Neo, Globber, Frog, Little Nation, Mongoose, Merida or Italtrike. If you would like to trade one of those bikes in we ask that you send us some pictures and we will provide you with an assessment. If we deem them to be in acceptable condition we guarantee at least 1 month free subscription for every bike traded in.

All our products are available to buy with a buyback option. What this means is when your kid outgrows the product you can simply sell it back to us at a price determined at the time. We'll assess the condition of the bike and make you an offer, so remember to look after the product as best you can and you'll get a higher price!

We are keeping great kids bikes in circulation for 4-5X as long as they would be otherwise!

We believe in the Circular Economy as a means to reduce waste and improve the health of our wonderful planet.

Every time you trade, swap or return a bike to us we refurbish it to nearly as good as new and put it in our Pre-loved section at lower prices!

Check out our Sustainability page to find out more about the impact we can have.

Soon! Our plan is to include a whole range of other products on our website at some point but for now we're sticking to bikes and a few accessories.

If you have any suggestions for products you'd love to see us provide please let us know at