~15 million bicycles are discarded by their owners every year worldwide. 

~100 million bicycles are produced by manufacturers worldwide every year.

This means that for every 6.5 bikes produced worldwide 1 bike is ending up in landfill. That begs the question - do we need to produce as many bikes as we do? The answer, absolutely not.

A well ridden, well looked after bike should last 10-15 years before it becomes redundant in todays market. Even then it's most likely the cause of its decline into redundancy is advancements in technology, making replacement parts hard to come by.

Sadly in the kids bike market the life cycle of a bike is nowhere near 10-15 years but that, of course, is more to do with the speed at which children outgrow their bikes rather than technology advancements. Parents won't always find the time to recycle their kids bikes or dispose of them sustainably and therefore after collecting a bit of rust and dust in the garage often the easiest option is to leave the bikes out for council pickup.

Our goal is to keep as many kids bikes in circulation and as a result reduce the number of great bikes that end up in landfill every year. We believe the circular economy and circular practices are the answer to so many of our waste problems globally.

Regardless of how many we maintain and refurbish the bikes will of course have a certain life span, which is why we've partnered with charities, not for profits and social enterprises such as Bikes4Life, Western Sydney Cycling Network, Revolve Recycling and Cycle Re-Cycle Club. Any bikes in our fleet that reach the end of their life with The Pedal Club will end up in the safe hands of one of these organisations.

If you have bikes you wish to recycle regardless of whether you sign up to The Pedal Club please visit our Re-Cycle page and send us some more information on your pre-loved bikes. We'll either refurbish them ourselves and add them to the TPC fleet or we'll make sure they end up in the hands of one of the above mentioned organisations.